A Pin Realized: Deco Mesh Wreath

It’s been a long time since I’ve had some time to craft, just to craft!

A Pin come to life! Deco Mesh Wreath

I love the look of the deco mesh wreaths, or bubble wreaths as they are sometimes referred. I was in Hob Lob yesterday looking for a frame – that don’t go on sale until next week ugh – and walked through the CHRISTMAS aisles….yes, they already have Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff out. I get it though…some people sell things they make and need to get them created early for craft shows or whatever.

Anyway, I found a couple more rolls of the deco mesh. They didn’t have any blue, so red and white it is. I figured, I could swap out the middle decoration and it could swing for a Valentine’s wreath too!:)

I searched Pinterest and found a tutorial using a wire wreath. She ties pipe cleaners around and then uses those to “tie” the mesh at varying intervals. The only pipe cleaners I had on hand (I did not reaseach tutorials until I was home – ahem) were black (from my pipe cleaner spider lollipops!) and they didn’t look good because you could see so much of it through the mesh.

So I used some floral tape I already had and just wound it around the pinched section of mesh. I did the same for the white, but pulled it to the inside of the circle and the red to the outside.

I tied the stars that I bought at Hob Lob – come on – I can’t make everything!:) with a piece of blue ribbon and the tied a smaller loop to the top of the wreath to hang on my hook on the front door. I got a big wreath because I wanted the stars to sit well in the middle. I didn’t take into consideration the poofyness of the mesh so it’s a WEE bit larger than my plan, but I still love it!

And it truly only took me 30 minutes!

The Pin

Source: clumsycrafter.com via Penny on Pinterest

The Pin Realized


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4 Responses to A Pin Realized: Deco Mesh Wreath

  1. brandih2007 says:

    Love it! I swore I was gonna make a wreath I found and well, I just ran out of time, once again!

  2. slw1878 says:

    Very cute! I like how you can swap out the center and use it for Valentina day

  3. Jess says:

    That is super cute!

  4. Steph says:

    So crafty, fun, & festive!

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