Red Velvet Doesn’t Make Itself?

This is from my neighborhood FB page. I just couldn’t keep the stupidity to myself. I don’t even know why I replied. The entire thing is just hysterical.

This just proves to me that normal people don’t know how to make a red velvet cake!!!

*Names and pics blurred to protect the innocent.


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First up on the list is a NEW HOUSE! Yes, we are moving. Still staying in Pearl.and, but moving further east and into a better school district. The reasons are many, but some top picks are:

  • better school district
  • lower mortgage
  • smaller house
  • away from the hood-rat influx

We are building again, in a new neighborhood. It’s a 3-2 with only a 2 car attached garage (The HORROR), but life will be better. If interested, we are building a made by Pul.te Homes.

This is the elevation we picked also known as “what the outside will look like.” It’s the model, so the garage door will be where the glass doors are now.

One of my favorite features is the open kitchen. It has a huge counter height island with room for seating.

Behind is another fun feature, a Pul.te exclusive, so they say. They call it a Pul.te Cen.ter. I call it Perfect Homework Center. It’s viewable through that “window” in the wall.

Miles’ own little desk area where he can store all of his homework supplies!

And the piece d’resistance…the giant walk in-without a glass door-without a door at all-with a bench seat-with a shower head and a rain shower head-no tub-SHOWER! AH-MAZING. I can finally shave my legs without bumping my booty on the wall! LOL

Another reason for the need for a lower mortgage is that DH still doesn’t have a job. He was laid off in November, but still getting severance pay through May. He’s applied to COUNTLESS jobs and we aren’t sure if he’s aged out of the job market or over experienced for EVERYTHING. He has had some interviews and lots of promises, but it seems the only jobs willing to hire him are contract gigs (which is fine) but they are all located in Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina. That would completely shake up our home-life balance, and although we could handle it, it would really, REALLY suck. So being that he is truly a Jack of all Trades, Master of None – he can literally do ANYTHING, he has decided to start his own handyman business. We have a neighborhood FB page and wives are always asking for help to change a faucet, fix a toilet, varnish a door, and I’m like SERIOUSLY – where is your husband? I’m just spoiled because he can and does do all of that at our house. There is no hiring out around here!

Here’s his business page in progress, obviously….

And when we move, Miles will finally be moved to public school. We LOVE the Montessori, but the upper grades don’t have as many kids in attendance, and he craves friendships. We feel that he would have a better fit at a public school with more kids and activities than are available currently. This will be a big adjustment to him, not being the big man on campus and knowing EVERYONE. Seriously, he says hello and gets a hello Miles! from even the janitor at school. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HER NAME!!! He is his Nonna’s son. Never meets a stranger!

That’s what’s going on with us…so planning a 6th birthday party (holy crap!), planning new furniture designs, themes and plans, and thinking about the packing a 9 year old house up and moving! House won’t be ready until September/October, so we have a while but oh the mounting stress!


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2015: The Word


My word of the year is Present. Not as in a gift, though you could apply that as well…being able to be present is a gift…but more like:

Be present.
Time is a present.
There’s no time like the present.
Just be present in the moment, it might be the last moment you get.

Too many friends/family/friends of family/friends of friends are gone from this Earth way too soon. It’s time to embrace the time I have on this Earth with others here on Earth. No more Facebooking when I could be snuggling with my BooBoo and watching Paw.Patrol  or even Ben.10 (ugh), no more Facebooking at lunch with my work peeps, no more. No more declining invites because I’m too busy, no more putting off visiting friends or family because they are too far or too busy themselves. It’s time to make time for everyone.

I will make it my mission this year to be more present in every situation, function, lunch, dinner or occasion.

Get ready – cuz Imma  be all up in your grill in 2015!


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Protected: KetchUp

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Breaking up with best friends

Breaking up with best friends

I seriously could have written this article myself. The only differences are that we were only friends for 23 years and that I did not experience her children growing up or being born. (Her youngest was conceived after the break up and she is currently pregnant with her 2nd.)

I recently found out that they are building a house. In my city. Less than 5 miles from my home. I immediately freaked out wondering why of ALL the suburbs in ALL of Houston, she had to move to MINE?

I know I probably won’t see her as she’s a stay at home mom now. So if she’s at Target or Kroger, hopefully it will be at 2 in the afternoon when I’m at work.

2 years later, I’m almost over it…

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Throwback Wednesday….

The 6th anniversary of my BFP!

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While showering with Miles (we just came from the pool and Daddy was not home):

Miles: (poking my boobs) There’s no bones in your boobies?
Me: Nope.
Miles: That’s why they just hang down like that?
Me: Yep, exactly. They hang down because they are boneless. But they used to be used to feed you. Like mama kitties and puppies that feed their babies on their mommy’s boobies.
Miles: Is there milk in there now (while poking) just in case you have another baby?
Me: Nope, they are empty right now.
Miles: So when you drink milk, it goes in your mouth through your body to your boobies?
Me: Um, nope. They can make their own milk like tiny little milk factories.
Miles: For me?
Me: Well for when you were a baby. No milk making now.
Miles: OK. I’m done now.

Oy. This is why I don’t like taking showers with him anymore. Too many questions!

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Protected: Miles’ 5th Birthday Party!

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20 Questions by a 5 Year Old

You’ll soon realize a theme…

LOVE, LOVE this boy of mine!

1. What’s your favorite color? Red

2. What’s your favorite toy? Rescue Gadgets?

3. What’s your favorite food? Mashed potatoes

4. What’s your favorite TV show? Super heros-Batman

5. What’s your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Play and work with wood

6. What’s your favorite outfit? Blue Batman

7. What’s your favorite game? Batman gets the bad guys /games on the Wii? Sword fight on the Wii

8. What’s your favorite snack? strawberries

9. What’s your favorite animal? Bats

10. What’s your favorite book? Supero heros and Ninja turtles

11. Who’s your best friend? Ricky (from school)

12. What’s your favorite thing to do outside? play Batman

13. What’s your favorite drink? Apple juice

14. What’s your favorite holiday? Halloween

15. What’s your favorite thing to sleep with? Fruit Punch (dog) and Bunny (new from Easter)

16. What do you want to be when you grow up? Blue Batman:)

17. What’s your favorite movie? Batman

18. What’s your favorite thing to do with mommy? Play super heros. Mommy is Wonder Woman

19. Where is your favorite place to go? Toys R Us

20. What’s your favorite song? Batman song

Clearly, Batman was an excellent choice for his birthday this year!

My Happy Birthday Boy!

My Happy Birthday Boy!

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Jackasses Abound!

It’s been a while. And what better time to dust off the blog again than to re-post some FB bullshit on a post I made yesterday about NOT posting fake pregnancy announcements on April Fool’s and the backlash that ensued…

I initially linked to this article on Monday to ask people to  NOT post I’m pregnant! April Fool’s! Because well, it’s rude and heart breaking for those who tried to get pregnant, can’t get pregnant, can’t stay pregnant, lost a pregnancy, currently going through IF treatments to MAKE a baby. You all know what I’m talking about.

That didn’t stop 2 “friends” from highschool to do it anyway. They were more acquaintances than anything and were unfriended shortly after they made their stupid posts.

I reposted yesterday – on April Fool’s Day. Lordy….

*names changed to protect the innocent…and the not so innocent.





I mean seriously. WhoTF do these people think they are? I can’t stand up for what I believe in? For what I’ve experienced? When you’ve been touched by IF, it hurts.  Like the last person said….words hurt, actions hurt. EVERYTHING hurts. Regardless of the time that has gone by or how old my son is. I still feel it in every pregnancy announcement.

2 points for the  husband for speaking up. These jackasses are former co-workers of both of ours. And now former friends as well.

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